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Is it mandatory to install AFDD on some electrical circuits?

Published date: 18 March 2020

Latest installation standard (“Wiring Rules”) AS/NZS 3000:2018 recommends the use of AFDD for following applications:
  • Premises with sleeping accommodations: e.g. bedrooms (in residential), hotels, nursing home
  • Premises and locations for children, handicapped or elderly people, e.g. – day care centres, pre-schools, other schools, retirement or nursing homes
  • Premises for gathering of people e.g. – theatres, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Locations with risks of fire due to the nature of processed or stored
  • materials: e.g. barns, wood-working shops, stores of combustible materials
  • Locations with combustible constructional materials: e.g. wooden buildings
  • Fire propagating structures: e.g. high rise buildings
  • Locations with endangering of irreplaceable goods: e.g. museums

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