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How do I customize Shortcut Keys in EcoStruxure Machine Expert?

Published date: 30 March 2020

I would like to customize or remap Keyboard Shortcuts in EcoStruxure Machine Expert. How is this done?

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EcoStruxure Machine Expert, SoMachine

PLC Configuration software suite for Windows

To change or map new Keyboard Shortcuts, use the Tools -> Customize dialog, in the Keyboard tab.

Example Steps:
1. Choose the command Tools -> Customize.
⇒ The Customize dialog box opens.
2. Choose the Keyboard tab.

3. Select the category Find/Replace from the Categories list
⇒ All commands in this category are listed on the right.
4. Select the command Find/Replace -> Find
5. Click into the field Press shortcut keys.
6. Press Ctrl+Shift+F.
⇒ Machine Expert adds the key combination to the field.
7. Click Assign.
⇒ The keyboard shortcut is assigned to the command.
8. Click OK.

From this point in time, when you press the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+F, it will call the Find function within EcoStruxure Machine Expert.

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