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How do I find all the instances where my Symbol is used in EcoStruxure Machine Expert?

Published date: 29 May 2020

How do I find all the instances where my Symbol (a.k.a. Variable or Tag) is used in my EcoStruxure Machine Expert project?

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The easiest way to find all instances of your Symbol used in your EcoStruxure Machine Expert application is to use the Cross Reference feature.

1) Go to the top of your screen to the menu bar
2) Click on the View dropdown menu and select Cross Reference

3) The Cross Reference List screen appear where you would usually see the Build Messages window at the bottom of your screen.
4) Click the Magnifying Glass button to popup the Input Assistant Wizard to show all Symbols by project hierarchy or
Type the the name or partial string of a Symbol that you would like to find in the box at the top left and click the green arrow button to search

In the screenshots below, is an example of a simple program and a Cross Reference Search result for any Symbols starting with the string "Motor".
The use of the asterisk "*" can be used as a wildcard at the end or beginning of the string.
Double-clicking on the row will take you to the location in the project where the Symbol is used and as of EcoStruxure Machine Expert v1.2, it will even find Symbols that are used in screen objects of Vijeo Designer!

Example Project:

Example String Search for "Motor*":

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