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What is the difference between RCBO and RCCB Acti 9 products ?

- RCBO: is a device from Acti 9 range used for full protection functions (overload protection + Short circuit current protection + earth leakage protection with different sensitivities) - RCCB: is an...

How can I program an ATV312 for PI control?

Issue : How do I configure the Pressure or PI [PID Regulator] control configuration in the ATV312? Product Line : ATV312 ALtivar 312 Environment: All model numbers Cause: Activating PID control...

Can I simulate PTO function blocks in SoMachine Basic?

Issue: Can I simulate PTO function blocks in SoMachine Basic? Product Line: M221, TM221 Resolution: Just like the PID blocks, you cannot simulate PTO functions blocks in SoMachine Basic. You will...

Can a VFD run a wound-rotor motor?

Issue: Wound-rotor motor Product Line: Altivar drives Environment: All models and serial numbers Cause: None Resolution: Altivar variable frequency drives may be used to operate wound-rotor motors....

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What is the inrush of a K range contactor

The inrush is 30VA but the holding is 4.5VA

How to Find APC Product Price & Availability on MySE?

How do I determine price and availability on APC mySE? Log into the APC MySE site and enter the part number that you would like to check and click “enter”. The pricing and availability results will...

What does the term "NEMA Type 1A" refer to?

NEMA Standards Publication 250-1997, "Enclosures for Electrical Equipment (1000 Volts Maximum)" no longer lists this enclosure type. This enclosure type is commonly accepted to be referring...

What is difference between BL and BD coils?

The difference between BL and BD Coils is a BL coil has a lower power consumption which is good for a contactor ONLY (no auiliaries attached). Wherefore a BD coil has a normal power consumption but...