What is the difference between RCBO and RCCB Acti 9 products ?

- RCBO: is a device from Acti 9 range used for full protection functions (overload protection + Short circuit current protection + earth leakage protection with different sensitivities) - RCCB: is an...

What is the Com'X 510 Default Username and Password?

The Default Password and Username for ComX 510 are: User = admin Password = admin See link for further Product information:...

What is the function of the local/global switch on 755PSMA2 and 755RLPSMA2?

GLOBAL / LOCAL RELAY SETTING Both the 755PSMA2 and 755RLPSMA2 smoke alarms have a ‘Global / Local’ switch located on them (see the diagram below). This switch is only used for operation with the...

What is the difference between LAD703 and LA7D03

Issue: Identifying differences between two similar part numbers Product Line: IEC contactors and starters Environment: Products sold and used in the United States Cause: Identifying differences...

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Why choose Type B RCD for 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives?

For the 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives, the RCD type B or type B-Si is particularly suitable. It protects against fault currents with DC offset, which is true for three-phase power converters. In...

What is the inrush of a K range contactor

The inrush is 30VA but the holding is 4.5VA

Can I use a 15A socket with a 10A plug?

Yes, a 15A socket with a 10A plug will fit.

What is difference between BL and BD coils?

The difference between BL and BD Coils is a BL coil has a lower power consumption which is good for a contactor ONLY (no auiliaries attached). Wherefore a BD coil has a normal power consumption but...