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Citect SCADA

SCADA Software for Industrial Processes

Citect SCADA is a reliable, flexible and high performance Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software solution for industrial process customers.

Citect SCADA
  • Features

    The easy-to-use configuration tools and powerful features help customers to develop and deploy solutions for any size application, with robust visualisation and operational capabilities driving operational efficiency, helping to mitigate risk and deliver actionable insights faster.
    Citect SCADA is focused on putting engineers and operators back in the driver’s seat by helping to unlock the value of their SCADA systems. Focused on addressing technological and social trends in the market place, Citect SCADA offers a number of functionalities and innovations that streamline and reimagine the engineering experience.

    Functionalities include:

    • New Integrated Development Environment – a new unified configuration environment with Citect Studio replacing Citect Explorer & Project Editor, offering a faster more intuitive activity-based user experience.
    • Enhanced Deployment Management – new centralised deployment view with a central store of compiled projects, controlled deployment of projects to servers and clients, in-built security and notifications for operators; saving time and effort and driving engineering efficiency.
    • Simplified Topology Management – streamlined and centralised server configuration, offering a graphical holistic view and configuration of server infrastructure with the ability to view topology by machine or by cluster.
    • Calculated Variables – calculated variables driving engineering simplicity, allowing users to configure a tag that evaluated a Cicode function as expression and reducing Cicode complexity without compromising flexibility.
    As a result, our customers can take back control of their operations and unlock the value of their SCADA systems; with the bandwidth to focus on driving efficiency gains and increasing overall profitability.


    Citect SCADA is positioned to offer significant value to our customers by helping to unlock the value of their SCADA systems with:
    • Engineering simplicity & efficiency
    • Easier, faster, safer & more secure deployment
    • Shortened learning curve, accelerating time to value
    • Lower engineering & maintenance costs
    • Reduced risks & unscheduled downtime
    • Holistic perspective of SCADA assets with a single view of topology
    • Universal connectivity to the Wonderware Software portfolio further unlocking the value of SCADA systems:


    Citect SCADA can be tailored to a wide array of industry rigours and demands, and continuously seeks to meet the increasing requirements of emerging industry sectors. Citect SCADA is ideal for a variety of industries such as Water and Waste Water, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining and Minerals, Metals, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence and many more.


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