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  • Features

    Thermostats maintain the temperature inside the enclosure and send a signal when certain defined values are exceeded:

    • Maximum value (cooling action).
    • Minimum value (reheating action).

    Range of solutions

    • 16 models.
    • Temperature control: adjustable thermostats; single or double.
    • Relative humidity control: adjustable or fixed hygrostat.
    • Temperature and relative humidity control: adjustable hygrotherm.
    • Certifications: CUL.
    New: ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System is a digitized, scalable thermal network that gives you real- time monitoring of all
    critical ventilation functions, across all of your automation or electrical distribution control panels. Stay connected with
    the health status of your entire thermal architecture at all times
    The nucleus of the system is the ClimaSys FilterStat controller that collects information from filter and fan sensors across all of
    your enclosures. Intelligent algorithms analyze all data inputs, helping FilterStat to keep you informed about the thermal status of every enclosure.
    The Filterstat controller’s screen displays useful measurements and alarms to help keep your ventilation system running efficiently. The controller can also connect to a PLC, speed drive, HMI, or other equipment via a dry contact alarm relay, and an analog output indicating ‘dirtiest filter level’.
    To support a large number of enclosures from a single FilterStat module, up to eight Thermal Hub devices can be used to extend network capacity to up to 256 sensors.


    Temperature and Humidity under control!


    Large range of temperature control.

    • Small dimensions.
    • Easily accessible terminals.
    • High connection power.
    • Low cost solution.

    4 types of fixings (novelty): 

    • On 35-mm DIN rail.
    • On Spacial profile.
    • On VDI cross-rail.
    • On mounting plate.


    ClimaSys CC is normally used to maintain the correct temperature/humidity inside the enclosure by controlling fans, heaters, and/or alarms.

    • Industrial automation and industrial control.
    • Outdoors.
    • Water treatments.
    • Automotive industries.
    • OEMs.
    • Electrical distribution.

    ClimaSys Smart Ventilation System: for greenfield applications, get the FilterStat controller together with the Smart Fan and the Smart Grid. To help you determine your optimal thermal solution download ProClima software.
    For brownfield, a retrofit kit option let you digitize your existing panels and ClimaSys components in a simple and safe way.
    Standard ClimaSys CA, CV and CC ranges are totally compatible with the new CSVS.


    • PTC external temperature sensor
    • Quick-fixing systems
    • Bi-metal technology & Electronic technology

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