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Unified Operations Centre

AVEVA Unified Operations Centre is a fully integrated Operations solution with prebuilt industry application templates for Enterprise Visibility and Decision Support.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center empowers the whole team with a centralized view to help make informed decisions, fast. Bringing end-to-end operational visibility across facilities helps you improve safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately the profit margins of your business.

Unified Operations Centre
  • Features

    Operations & Maintenance

    • Respond rapidly to unplanned downtime or crisis situations by leveraging engineering data in its real-time, operational context
    • Eliminate human error and manual processes with automated workflows, such as automatic work orders, and easily access standardized operating procedures
    • Improve collaboration using improved shift handovers and electronic operator log books

    Technical Services (Engineering)

    • Management of Change project analysis by cost and schedule
    • Optimize plant throughput and asset utilization using what-if analysis scenarios, and modeling of process and equipment parameters
    • Improve profit margins and reduce energy with energy consumption analysis by equipment

    Business Management

    • Enterprise-wide visibility - provide effective operational monitoring at corporate headquarters and subsidiary levels of the organisation with target versus actual performance analysis
    • Real-time decision support – understand inter-dependencies by unlocking data stored in disparate systems, and gaining new insights into process parameters
    • Ensure compliance and reduce risk – monitor critical parameters with the Environmental, Safety & Health module


    • Reduced total cost of ownership through better system integration and by leveraging investments already made in systems and applications
    • Improved asset utilisation and availability of assets with minimal downtime
    • Improved predictability of asset maintenance
    • Improved customer experience through digitalisation of processes, information and communication
    • Lower implementation costs with a hardware-agnostic, unified platform


    Oil & Gas: Edge-to-Enterprise visibility Gain real-time visibility of processes, proactively resolve abnormal events, and prevent disruption of production through a single pane of glass.

    Smart Cities and Infrastructure: manage complex operating procedures and resolve crises quickly Manage complex Standard Operating Procedures, reduce response times to crises, and troubleshoot problems effectively with integrated command and control of critical infrastructure, buildings, airports, bridges, tunnels and railways.

    Mining: Optimize business processes Optimize work processes to reduce energy and production loss, streamline shift handovers and generate automated work orders.

    Data Centers: Drive efficiency and uptime across complex operations Manage complexity across multiple sites and systems, maintain uptime supporting service level agreements and managing costs tied to energy, water, workforce efficiency and sustainability

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