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Easergy MiCOM P13x

Feeder Management Protection and Bay Control Devices

Part of PowerLogic

Easergy MiCOM P13x is a range of feeder management and one-box solutions for flexible and comprehensive protection and control of feeders. Models available: Easergy MiCOM P132 and Easergy MiCOM P139 with new Graphical HMI

Easergy MiCOM Px30 40TE front view - New Graphical HMI
  • Features

    Easergy MiCOM P132 offers a flexible and powerful feeder management device housed in a 4U case in 24TE, 40TE or 84TE widths.  It is a scalable solution for your hardware and software needs. It also includes an optional detachable HMI for improved security and safety. Easergy MiCOM P132 offers bay control for up to 3 devices and a library of 80 pre-engineered templates to reduce engineering time.
    Information exchange is performed by inbuilt communication interfaces, using either serial protocols (IEC 60870-5-101, -103, Courier, DNP or Modbus) or an Ethernet interface using IEC 61850. In addition, the IRIG-B input that supports modulated or unmodulated signals completes the device.

    Easergy MiCOM P139 one-box solution is the most advanced in the range. It’s available in 40TE or 84TE width, 4U case sizes. It adds additional protection functionality, providing a higher binary input and output flexibility, including a new full color graphic LCD display and bay control for up to 10 devices. It uses a pre-engineered library of up to 300 templates for efficient engineering and commissioning.

    All new HMI for enhanced operator experience
    The new color Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows you to interact with your device even quicker, with more intuitive navigation and control of your electrical network.  Get all relevant information of your installation in a clear and concise display.  It provides an enhanced operational experience for these well-known and proven protection relays. Thanks to the ergonomically arranged Navigation keys, additional function keys and simple, removable paper labels for LED assignment, users of these field proven protection relays have all relevant information at hand without the need to consult the control room for additional information.

    The impressive 5.7” full color display on devices with graphical displays uses colored elements for measurements, objects or devices in the Mimic display.  This adds flexibily and ease of use to everyday operations as you watch the color change live when measurements go above thresholds, or when objects change status.  The range continues with a simple and efficient single colour display on products with text displays.

    Latest communication protocols and Ethernet redundancy
    The Easergy MiCOM P13x range is fully equipped with the latest communications protocols (IEC 61850 Ed1 and Ed2 are available in the same device, selection by setting). Maximum availability and reliability of Ethernet communications is possible thanks to the implementation of PRP/HSR standard redundancy protocols with an instantaneous recovery time (0 ms) in case of network failure. Easergy MiCOM P13x offers additionally RSTP redundancy protocol for ring architectures. All redundancy protocols are available in the same device and can be selected by setting. Implemented VLAN and port assignment functionality allows the use of advanced network architectures by splitting the physical network into a logical SCADA system network and maintenance network.

    Major enhancement to cybersecurity
    The Easergy MiCOM P13x range has operational and cybersecurity features, which are compliant with IEC 62443-4-2, that help protect installations with security based on embedded features such as role based access control (RBAC), port hardening, secure communication, security logs and access traceability. By default, the IED includes RBAC with different users defined and a security administrator

    Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 years
    Extended Warranty: Up to 10 years (product registration required, applies to Easergy MiCOM, please check with your local representative, some exclusions apply)


    • Comprehensive and advanced range of protection functions that are standardized, yet scalable to meet many system requirements.
    • Scalable solutions for advanced feeder protection and control
    • Flexible case mounting options suitable for wall, flush/panel or rack mounting.
    • Modular hardware options for simple adaptation to specific application requirements
    • Function keys
    • Freely configurable InterMiCOM interface
    • Advanced one-box solution and bay control 
    • Detachable HMI for increased security and safety
    • Latest IEC 61850 communication features
    • Advanced cyber security features
    • Bay template library of up to 300 pre-engineered templates to reduce engineering time



    • Cables
    • Overhead lines
    • Transformers
    • Motors
    • Feeders


    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 40TE front view - Text HMI
    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 84TE front view - New Graphical HMI
    • Easergy MiCOM Px30 40TE front view - New Graphical HMI

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