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Zelio Analogue

Analog Converters

Part of Harmony

Zelio Analog converters are designed to convert signals from sensors or electrical measurement devices into standard electrical signal.

Zelio Analogue
  • Features

    • Compliant with international standards UL/CSA/GL/CE
    • Wide temperature conversion range
    • Output range: 0…10V/ 0…20mA / 4…20mA
    • Pre-set input and output scales, requiring no adjustment
    • Outputs protected against reverse polarity, overvoltage, and short-circuits
    • Output with fallback value if no input signal is present
    • LED indicator on the front panel
    • Compatible with automation platforms and controllers


    • Quick and intuitive setting
    • Easy to use: fixed input & output values according to the market needs
    • Secure setting: sealable protective cover


    • Machines and control panel
    • Building ans infrastructure


    • RMT thermocouple
    • RM PT • 0 universal PT 100
    • RM PT • 3 optimum PT100, dedicated to Zelio Logic
    • RM C analog converter

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