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Modicon MC80

Powerful and cost-effective "All-in-one" compact controller

Part of Modicon

Optimal high-end functionality in a compact box that fits for solar plant purpose

Modicon MC80
  • Features

    Designed to be simple and compact for a quick installation, it integrates solar libraries to ease and shorten the design time. The TVDA guide helps the users integrate the Modicon MC80 into their solar power control system.

    Its operational intelligence allows access to data remotely through embedded Ethernet and provides hight level of reliability and accuracy to accommodate sun positioning algorithms. It supports RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) ring topology for network redundency in case of link failure.

    Maintenant is made easy thanks to the extensive and simple-to-use management tool (SGbackup) for firmware and program management in large scale PAC applications.

    Robust and designed for a long life cycle, it operates at extreme temperatures (-25ºC to +70ºC). Configurable by EcoStruxure Control Expert, no extra tools are required for engineering.

    Integrated cybersecurity features help protect the solar plant operations.


    ‘‘All-in-one’’ controller:

    Compact controller with

    • A high-performance processor with 64-bit calculation capability
    • Dual Ethernet port with embedded switch to create flexible and scalable architectures without external switches
    • Integrated I/Os to interface with hard-wired devices and sensors
    • A Modbus Serial link master/slave port for easy integration of local instrumentation or a portable HMI
    • A CANopen master port for easy connection of devices such as encoders or variable speed drives
    • Access to the PLC is password-protected. Additionally, only selected devices are allowed to connect to Modicon MC80 controllers
    • Firmware upgrading is password-protected
    • Memory protection mode is available via physical inputs or software configuration. The applications and user data are protected in this mode
    • Run/Stop protection mode is available via physical inputs or software configuration


    • Thermosolar - Tower Power
    • Thermosolar - Parabolic Trough
    • Thermosolar - Fresnel
    • Other solar applications

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