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I Line II

Contact Busway from 630A-6300A delivering power up to 2.9 square kilometers

Aluminium with Copper Contact Busway ranging from 800A to 5000A and Copper Busway ranging from 630A to 6300A

I Line II
  • Features

    Copper (Copper busway)
    630A – 6300A
    • 99.97% purity of copper
    • Silver plated copper in full length
    • minimize surface oxygenation, assure low surface contact resistance and low voltage drop
    Aluminum with copper contact (Copper Contact busway)
    800A – 5000A
    • Use silver-plated Bi-metal cladding on Aluminum conductor through high current and high pressure.
    • Special process enabling molecular fusion of Copper and Aluminum through the use of very high pressure and temperature.
    • All of connection zone are silver to silver.
    • Conductors full-length insulated using Mylar film, class B, 130C
    • Available polarities: 3L +PE, 3L +N+PE
    • Maximum rated voltage: 1000 Volts
    • Insulation voltage: 1000 Volts
    • Integral Earth Bus : The earthing bus completely encloses the bus sandwich and rated at 50% capacity.
    • Joint-Pak :Standard on I-LINE II system. It allows for quick removal of lengths from the busbar trunking runs for load shifting or maintenance.
      > Single bolt connection makes installation faster
      > Belleville washer provides equal pressure across the complete joint contact areato assure proper electrical contact
      > Adjustable range: +/- 3mm
    • Degree of Protection : IP 40 – IP66


    • A total coordinated, compact, simple and flexible power distribution system
    • Safety of Life and property with reduced risk of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
    • Fully recyclable and helps conserve natural resources
    • Seismic compliance for projects under seismic conditions


    • Transformer/ Switchboard connection
    • Horizontal distribution, from the substation to the loads in workshop
    • Vertical distribution, from the substation to the loads of each high rise floor

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