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EcoStruxure™ Power Operation

Energy supply management software for electro-intensive sites (formerly EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation)

No matter the size or complexity, every part of your electrical system needs to provide reliable power, 24/7. Your team needs continuous visibility into every risk, and the ability to react immediately.

EcoStruxure™ Power Operation
  • Features

    As a key element of EcoStruxure Power, Power SCADA Operation is engineered to help facilities like data centers, hospitals, industrials, airports and electro-intensive operations maximize uptime. With rich data integration from connected devices, PSO’s unique capabilities provide real-time situational awareness, and offer a high performance, cyber-resilient solution for your specialized power networks.

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    Manage and control your medium and low voltage networks with a flexible, secure, scalable, and redundant platform designed specifically for your needs.
    Flexible, redundant architecture
    With extensive communication and data exchange protocol support, connect to hundreds of smart devices, extracting rich data from meters, relays, circuit breakers, PLCs, RTUs, and more. Native architectural redundancy gives you the peace of mind that PSO will remain reliable even during a worst-case scenario. Generic SCADA platforms simply do not offer the depth of capability compared to a purpose-built Power SCADA.
    Information and control exactly how you need it
    Stay on top of power system status using patented animated one-line diagrams. Our graphical engine allows HMI and mobile views to be completely customized. Receive alarm notifications in real-time, use power events analysis tools to determine cause and effect, then re-establish normal operation using automated or manual control actions.


    Purpose-built edge platform that adapts to your complex electrical networks:
    • Now >35% faster to deploy!
    • More open protocols with OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA), bridging IT and production
    • High availability mobile notifications
    • Seamless integration with Schneider PLCs (including the M580) to monitor and control
    • Compliance to IEC-62443 international cyber-security standards


    Help protect people and assets
    • Monitor breaker protection settings and ensure proper breaker operation and fault isolation to avoid safety hazards
    • Operate breakers remotely to minimize arc-flash risk
    • Detect abnormal conditions, such as rising busbar temperatures, that represent a risk to safety and operations
    • In hospital operating rooms, protect patient safety during operations by detecting circuit insulation faults

    Maximize business continuity
    • Quickly understand the real-time state of your power system
    • Use real-time alarm notifications, filtering, sorting, and categorization to respond quickly to events
    • Perform root cause analysis by tracing sequence of events, analyzing waveforms, then quickly and safely re-establish normal operation
    • Perform fast, automatic fault isolation and power restoration
    • Monitor protection settings to ensure proper isolation of faults to avoid system wide outages
    • Analyze the aging of breaker contacts to avoid failures and enable proactive maintenance
    • Track system capacity to avoid overloads and make sure backup power systems are able to handle loads in case of an outage

    Maximize operational efficiency
    • Set energy reduction targets and adjust operations for continuous efficiency improvements
    • Track how much energy and other utilities (WAGES) are generated, distributed, and consumed
    • Avoid power factor and peak demand penalties
    • Use shadow billing to identify errors in utility bills
    • Create accountability by allocating costs to departments or processes
    • Reveal unused system capacity to avoid upgrading or overbuilding
    • Showcase energy performance to a broad group of stakeholders via energy kiosk displays

    Simplify reporting, align with standards
    • Comply with energy efficiency and green building standards (e.g. ISO50001/2, SEP, LEED, NABERS)
    • Verify utility/grid service and internal compliance to power quality standards (e.g. EN50160, IEEE519, ITIC)
    • Ensure regulatory compliance with backup power system testing (e.g. NFPA110 and others)
    • Comply with common IT practices (password management, whitelisting, two-factor authentication). Align with cybersecurity global standards such as IEC 62443. Use an industrial-grade firewall to monitor traffic between IT, OT, and Internet network zones.