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Acti9 indication and tripping auxiliaries

For Acti9 MCBs, RCDs, switches, remote control, automatic reclosers, etc.

Part of 9 Series

Discover simple installation with Acti9 iC60 DIN rail tripping auxiliaries. Complete with remote indication, they are ideal for all commercial and industrial buildings.

Acti9 indication and tripping auxiliaries
  • Features

    Designed with protection in mind and with a wide range of features, the Acti9 indication and DIN rail tripping auxiliaries combine easy installation with high levels of functionality including fail-safe emergency stop tripping, remote indication and much more.

    • Includes VisiTrip: Quickly detects faulty outgoers and reduces intervention time
    • Easy-to-use clip-on assembly system.


    Acti9 iOF auxiliaries for remote indication of the state of the device to which they are connected (fully compliant with IEC 60947-5-1):

    • Remote indication of "open" or "closed" state
    • Remote indication of "tripped" state
    • Auxiliaries for remote tripping of the device to which they are connected (fully compliant with IEC 60947-1)
    • Instantaneous tripping when the control circuit is energized
    • Instantaneous tripping when the control circuit is de-energized or if there is a dip in its supply voltage
    • Time-delayed tripping (to cope with micro-breaks or brief voltage drops) when the control circuit is de-energized or if there is a dip in its supply voltage
    • Fail-safe emergency stop tripping
    • Overvoltage tripping.

     Auxiliary RCA for remote control:

    • Remote electrical control (opening and closing) of circuit breakers with or without Vigi iC60 add-on RCD and with or without auxiliary
    • Circuit-breaker resetting after tripping, in full accordance with protection principles and regulations
    • Local control feature via operating handle.

    Auxiliary ARA for remote automatic reclosing:

    • Easily perform automatic reclosing of the associated protection device after tripping
    • Increase the availability of hard to access and isolated installations without supervision (mobile telephony systems, motorways, pumping stations, airports, railways, meteorological stations, service stations, automatic teller machines, public lighting, tunnels, etc.), by restoring them to operation without the need of personal intervention in the event of a transient fault (atmospheric disturbances, industrial overvoltages, etc.).
    • How to install Acti9 electrical auxiliaries:

      Episode 1: Introduction
      How to distinguish Acti9 electrical auxiliaries and how to mount them with Acti9 MCBs
      Episode 2: Acti9 iSD auxiliary
      Use and test Acti9 iSD electrical auxiliary
      Episode 3: Install Acti9 iOF/SD+OF auxiliary
      How to use Acti9 iOF/SD+OF electrical auxiliary.
      Episode 4: Cabling of Acti9 iMX+OF auxiliary
      How to cable Acti9 iMX+OF electrical auxiliary.


    Offering several combinations between electrical auxiliaries and total simplicity when it comes to installation, the Acti9 iC60 DIN rail tripping auxiliaries with remote indication provide you with a clear and efficient solution.
    • Simple: Features the same electrical auxiliaries for Acti9 iC60 MCBs and Acti9 iID RCCBs for total ease of use.
    • Straightforward: Mechanical clip-on assembly system provides unrivalled installation simplicity.
    • Smart: Offers multiple mix combinations between electrical auxiliaries: Acti9 iOF + iSD, iOF/SD + iMX, iOF + iMN, etc.


    Ideally suited to electrical circuits in all industrial and commercial buildings, the Acti9 iC60 DIN rail tripping auxiliaries allow for automatic reclosing, remote control, remote indication and tripping. Use for enhanced protection when working on tripped circuits caused by:
    • Short-circuit current
    • Overload current
    • Earth fault leakage current
    • Undervoltage
    • Manual safety tripping action.


    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB with iOF/SD & iMN electrical auxiliaries + Vigi iC60 DIN rail add-on RCD. VisiTrip fault indicators.
    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB with iOF/SD & iMX electrical auxiliaries + Remote Control Auxiliary RCA +add-on residual current module for iC60.
    • Acti9 iID DIN rail RCCB with Automatic Recloser Auxiliary ARA