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Acti9 accessories

MCBs & RCDs accessories

Part of 9 Series

Acti9 DIN rail optional mounting and wiring accessories Multiclip, Distribloc, sealable terminal shields, screw shields, interpole barriers, 9mm spacer, padlocking devices, plug-in base, rotary handle, clip-on terminal markers

Acti9 accessories
  • Features

    A complete set accessories to facilitate all operations including on-site interventions without downtime for greater continuity of service.

    Acti9 iC60 DIN rail accessories are :

    Distribloc 63A splitter block
    • Fast connection with spring terminal
    • Automatic spring contact pressure adapted to the conductor cross section
    • Simple extension and modification within the switchboards 45mm modular front tip
    • For more information on Distribloc 63A splitter block click here.
    Multiclip 80A splitter block
    • Easy to upgrade with load rebalancing
    • Easy to add new outgoers
    • Fast connection with spring terminal 
    • Automatic spring contact pressure adapted to the conductor cross section Compactness
    • For more information on Multiclip 80A splitter block click here.
    Other Acti9 iC60 accessories
    • Sealable terminal shields,
    • Screw shields,
    • Interpole barriers,
    • 9mm spacer,
    • Padlocking devices,
    • Plug-in base,
    • Rotary handle,
    • Clip-on terminal markers.
    • For more information click here

    Important : All the highlighted sections in blue must be considered as link with the catalogue pages (for more information click here) or other range datasheets (see also) from the Acti9 range.
    These links must be activated in each range datasheet by the Wams in relation with the Final Distribution marketing manager in each country.


    The efficiency you deserve
    Acti9 iC60 accessories give safe installation wiring, combined with operator safety
    Safe connections and operation. Ex: IP20
    Quick and ergonomic wiring. Ex: screwless connections.


    Low-voltage final distribution

    • industrial and commercial buildings
    • All applications, especially in polluted environments and networks


    • Acti9 MCB or RCCB DIN rail interpole barriers
    • Acti9 MCB or RCCB DIN rail padlocking device
    • Acti9 MCB or RCCB DIN rail sealable terminal shields

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