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PM5350 Monitoring system

PowerLogic power-monitoring units for mid-range metering

Part of PowerLogic

PowerLogic power-monitoring units for mid-range metering

PM5350 Monitoring system
  • Features

    The PowerLogic PM5350 power meter offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 96 x 96 mm unit extending only 44 mm behind the mounting surface.

    With its large display, all three phases and neutral can be monitored simultaneously. The bright, anti-glare display features large characters and powerful backlighting for easy reading even in extreme lighting conditions and viewing angles. The meter menus are understood by all, with the availability of two languages (English/Chinese) included standard in the PM5350. Main characteristics
    • Easy to install - Mounts using two clips, no tools required. Ultra-compact meter with 44mm depth connectable up to 480 VL-L without voltage transformers for installations compliant with category III.
    • Easy to operate - Intuitive navigation with self-guided, language selectable menus, six lines, four concurrent values. Two LEDs on the meter face help the user confirm normal operation (heartbeat/communications indicator LED: green and other LED orange, customizable either for alarms or energy pulse outputs).
    • Easy circuit breaker monitoring and control - The PM5350 provides two relay outputs (high performance) with capability to command most of the circuit breaker coils directly. In addition, monitored switches can be wired directly to the meter without external power supply.
    • System status at a glance - Bright, anti-glare, backlit display plus two LEDs; orange for energy pulse or alarm and green for heartbeat/communications indication.
    • IEC 62053-22 class 0.5S accuracy for active energy - Accurate energy measurement for cost allocation.
    • Power Quality analysis - The PM5350 offers THD and TDD measurements as standard. Total Demand Distortion is based on a point of common coupling (PCC), which is a common point that each user receives power from the power source. The TDD compares the contribution of harmonics versus the maximum demand load.
    • Load management - Peak demands with time stamping are provided. Predicted demand values can be used in basic load shedding applications.
    • Alarming with time stamping - Over 30 alarm conditions, such as under/over conditions, digital input changes, and phase unbalance inform you of events. A time-stamped log maintains a record of the last 40 alarm events.
    • Load timer - Load timer set-point adjustable to monitor and advise maintenance requirements.
    • IEC 61557-12 Performance Standard - Meets IEC 61557-12 PMD/S/K70/0.5.


    Its compact size and high performance make the PowerLogic PM5350 suitable for many applications.


    • Panel instrumentation.
    • Cost allocation or energy management.
    • Electrical installation remote monitoring.
    • Alarming with under/over, digital status, control power failure, meter reset, self-diagnostic issue.
    • Circuit Breaker monitoring and control with relay outputs and whetted digital inputs.

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