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European HVAC Valves, Actuators and Assemblies

Dependable, high performance heating and cooling solutions to fit a wide range of European building applications

A wide range of HVAC valve and valve actuators that are highly reliable, energy efficient, long life and robust

European HVAC Valves, Actuators and Assemblies
Valves and Valve Actuators

European HVAC Valves, Actuators and Assemblies

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        The Schneider Electric family of electric linear globe HVAC valve actuators are designed to provide precise, reliable control of all types of globe HVAC valves. These direct mount actuators provide fast, easy and secure connection without the need for any linkages. The Forta actuator has a very high resolution for very fine fluid control and they can be configured to suit any input control signal that may be required.


        • Forta M310/M400/M800/M1500/M3000
        • M22 and M50

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