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Discover how EcoStruxure™ provides energy reliability and cost savings

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure solution has helped SAPM take control of their energy supply to become more sustainable and self-reliant. Download the SAPM story to delve into the solutions and results of the project.
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EcoStruxure™ delivering a world-leading and cost-effective energy solution

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Explore how SAPM’s partnership with Schneider Electric was essential to deliver a world class microgrid solution that will enable significant net savings and have environmental benefits.

Discover EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor

Learn how you can leverage EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor to dynamically control on-site energy resources and loads to optimise your facility’s performance.
The Challenge
  • Previous state-wide power failure has caused $2.5 million worth of loss in produce for SAPM. A decision was made to bring power production onto SAPM so that they could remain in control of their own electricity supply. 
  • From refrigeration to air-conditioning units, SAPM had high energy consumption and was subject to high energy prices in the volatile spot market. 
  • Therefore, SAPM was looking for a cost-effective way to meet their energy demands by allowing them to use power sources on and off grid.
EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor SAPM
The Solution
An advanced microgrid of unprecedented scale with EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor, PowerSCADA Operation, Power Monitoring Expert, Modicon PLCs, protection relays, power meters, circuit breakers, switchgear and kiosks.
The Results
The EcoStruxure™ Microgrid solution will have significant community and environmental benefits by cutting annual greenhouse gas emissions by 32% and reducing the maximum demand by 3.8 Million Megawatt Hours per annum. The site has security of power and is protected against the high priced, volatile spot market, having a net saving of A$4.3 million dollars over 10 years.

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