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Zelio Electromechanical relays:

> Large choice of number of contacts (up to 4)
> Easy installation & maintenance
> Plug in type with standard pin arrangement (with socket)
> Test button & lock-down door for testing the functionality of the relay
> Input and output current and voltage adaptation

Zelio SSR solid state relays:

> Long life
> High frequency & current switching (up to 125A)
> Adapted to packaging and textile machines
> No noise, for building and medical applications
> Not impacted by vibration environment

Zelio Monitoring and Control Relays:

Monitoring of your equipment with Simple and accurate adjustments are a sure-fire way to achieve quick and easy setup. These relays can satisfy all the monitoring requirements of mobile process control or network equipment.
Phaseo Modular Single phase power supplies:
> Modular and optimum power supplies for 100-240 V single-phase networks
> Output voltage: 5, 12, 24, 48 V -7 W-145 W
> Highly compact size
> Wide voltage range
> Fixing by screw or on omega rail
Phaseo Universal 1 & 3 phase power supplies offer:
> For networks 1/3-phase 100-500 V 
> Output voltage: 24 V and 5 to 15 V by converter modules 48 V, 72-960 W
> Integrated energy reserve
> 6 product references 3 A to 40 A
> Fixing on omega rail
> Advanced diagnostics by LED and relay contact
> Integrated anti-harmonics filter

Find the nearest wholesaler in your area

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