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  • The Edge: A sustainability success story

The Edge, Amsterdam, EcoBuildings

Amsterdam’s design marvel is the new benchmark for smart workplaces around the world

With new construction comes the opportunity to design for sustainability, efficiency and connectivity. In new buildings, engineers and architects have a clean slate to address modern challenges through creative design. But how can existing structures become smarter?

Today, the new benchmark for smart facilities is The Edge in Amsterdam, the world’s most sustainable office building, powered by Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ solutions. Indeed, it is an architectural phenomenon, producing 102% of its own energy, and consistently exceeding occupant expectations for building comfort.

However, it’s not the structure alone that makes The Edge a sustainability star. It’s also how the facility employs EcoStruxure as the backbone for integrated facility and energy management, electrical distribution, IT infrastructure, and power monitoring.

And, despite the cutting-edge design and amenities found at The Edge, many (if not all) of the building’s features are possible in existing structures. Yes, even yours.

It all comes down to smart connectivity

The Edge’s IoT-driven design relies upon a myriad of internet-enabled sensors that collect, analyze and learn from constantly streaming usage data. This improves efficient building management, creating a workplace infrastructure responsive to occupant habits and behavior.  

A mobile app is the key to how this works for building occupants – from entry access and parking lot assignments, to daily workspace selection and climate control. And workers’ smartphones act as a personal link to the building systems, which learn behaviors and adjust automated settings to maximize efficiency.  

Through EcoStruxure, building owners can realize the same benefits of connectivity as The Edge – sustainability, efficiency, increased productivity and a better ROI. This also includes management of solar energy, water, and even ventilation and lighting control – all tailored to fit worker preferences.   

EcoStruxure is how Schneider Electric delivers Innovation at Every Level for sustainable, efficient structures, bringing a powerful, connected approach to any building.

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