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  • Future proofing the data centre of tomorrow

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The data revolution has arrived – and it’s big. Almost 90 per cent of all the data in the world has been created in the last two years, with every mobile phone call, social media post or transaction on a credit card, increasingly being use to analyse and track human and business behaviour.

It’s not only connected devices that are contributing to this data explosion. With the emergence of the Internet of Things – systems critical to our infrastructure, from the power grid, transportation and industrial technology, are now at the heart of this intelligence ecosystem – feeding in, and drawing on, data on a previously unimaginable scale.

Our connected lives are generating unprecedented demand for computing power, connectivity and quality of service. This is driving the evolution of more data centres being placed closer to the user or data source, known as the Edge. Generally regarded as the architecture of the future, the rise of the edge or edge computing is gaining popularity as an alternative to conventional approaches where the data centre can be remote and geographically distant from the user.

Here at Schneider Electric – we’re not only at the forefront of adapting to this changing world – we’re leading the drive to build it.

Whether it’s improving energy management, helping global businesses meet accelerating traffic demands, or guiding industry efficiency - our solutions are making everything smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. We ensure that no matter where data is created, transmitted or stored, it is always available.

While the Big Data phenomenon has expanded the realms of possibility across almost every industry, it has also resulted in wide-reaching impacts on the networks that carry this information – and on how the information is processed and stored.

Future proofing the data centre is now more important than ever and edge computing plays a big part in this. With the rise in data use, we need to ensure that the storage of this data is secure, efficient and able to cope with increasing availability demands. edge computing can solve these challenges by moving data closer to the end user.

Increases in cloud and colocation options mean businesses are now leveraging cloud services as standard to manage their data storage needs. And while moving to the cloud can have certain advantages such as scalability, flexibility and affordability, with a mass move to the cloud, the remaining on premise IT and network infrastructure has become the most critical.

Whatever type or size of business you are, the data you choose to keep in-house requires the greatest degree of availability. With data storage and manipulation facilities in a constant state of flux, Schneider Electric can support data centre managers and business to manage the many cycles of change, optimise operations and make sure data centres deliver a competitive advantage. And with carbon emissions one of the top priorities for any organisation – we can help you build and manage your data centre the sustainable way.

The future of data centres looks set to be a hybrid of on-site infrastructure and cloud based colocation facilities. As the cloud continues its explosive growth, so too does the expansion of edge computing in every dimension of our lives. Wherever there’s an opportunity to improve the efficiency of a function with real-time processing, you’ll find an edge server happily humming away. It’s just another facet of the “always on” world that’s evolving before you even realise it.

With expertise across data centre management from a holistic view, Schneider Electric can help you effectively manage your all your data needs as we move firmly into the Big Data era.

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