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Easergy relay comparison

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Protection relays

What makes Easergy protection relays an industry benchmark? Bringing together over 100 years of experience and innovative IoT technology, Easergy protection relays help improve reliability, safety and simplify everyday life of a smarter grid. They sense, connect, secure, and mobilize IoT data to help you maximize power protection and control in even the most critical of smart energy applications.

Feeder automation

How can Easergy help improve outages? With a modern and connected approach to power distribution automation, Easergy devices give you the visibility to find and correct faults faster. Benefitting over 35 years of experience, Easergy devices range from fault passage indicators to self-healing automated power restoration, offering a scalable solution to your needs.

Connected benefits

• Improve reliability with proven techniques and IoT data for long service life.
• Maximize efficiency with modular products and digital tools to simplify everyday life.
• Improve safety and security with features designed to reduce operational risks.

Easergy P3 catalog

The Easergy P3 catalog has all the information you need about protection relays for medium voltage applications.

Medium-Voltage technical guide

MV technical guide

Helping you design safe and energy-efficient medium-voltage products according to IEC standards.

Electrical distribution services

Here to help you drive success while operating at peak performance and safety. Get more value from your electrical assets with our expert care team.
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Easergy P3

Easergy P5

Easergy T300

Other Easergy Protection Relays

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Easergy MiCOM P138

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