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Leading the new energy landscape

Today’s changing energy landscape and evolving complexity of the energy value chain requires new ways to optimise supply and demand. To address these challenges, utilities must break down silos and take a modern, holistic approach to grid management to drive sustainability, operational efficiency, flexibility, resiliency, and reliability.

Our solutions for Grids of the Future help utilities digitise, optimise, and automate grid processes for a more sustainable future. We offer the industry’s broadest, end-to-end software and services for managing the entire lifecycle of the grid, providing foundational, stepwise, cybersecure digital transformation and grid data management.

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Increasing operational efficiency

Utilities are faced with significant disruption due to climate impacts, DER integration as well as changing regulations and policies. As a result, there is increased pressure to operate more efficiently while modernising the grid and delivering improved service.

Companies like Enel utilise our operations management solutions to optimise resources and operations, simplify and integrate workflows for improved grid operations and mitigate power disruptions for increased reliability and resilience and improved operational efficiency.

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EcoCare for Digital Grid, our subscription-based service plan, delivers reliable services to optimise software use, ensure maximum return on investment (ROI) and protect your assets from cyber threats.

Members receive personalised support from our team of experts, as well as customised training to help maximise the value of their technology investment.

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Powering SAPN through the storm
Over 1.5 million Australian households rely on SA Power Networks to provide electricity through extreme weather conditions. EcoStruxure ADMS delivers insights to monitor and manage this vast network.
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Grid to Prosumer

Grid modernisation spans both sides of your customer’s metre. Managing supply and demand at the grid edge requires coordinated ways to engage, plan and design, optimise and maintain, and analyse and automate.

Grids of the Future

Grids of the Future are powered by data and integrated network models - digitally equipped and remotely managed. Learn how our vision of the next-generation network is more reliable, flexible, efficient and secure.

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Grid to Prosumer

Learn how to accelerate your digital transformation on both sides of the customer metre with our holistic approach to DER management.

Transforming the traditional grid to the digital grid

The digital grid has never been closer or more necessary. Learn how to ask the right decisions and steer your utility toward the new energy landscape.

Unlock rapid innovation with agile cloud solutions

Our Grid Operations Platform as a Service is answering the unprecedented challenges facing grid operators by transforming all aspects of the grid.

Value-driven grid data management

Gain actionable insights into how electric distribution utilities can solve operational, planning and business challenges.

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Our comprehensive portfolio of Smart Grid Software and Services is designed to empower utilities in their digital transformation journey. With a primary focus on smart grid software, we provide advanced solutions that enable utilities to digitise, optimise, and automate their grid operations for enhanced flexibility, resiliency, and risk mitigation.

As the energy landscape continues to evolve, embracing digital grid software becomes crucial for utilities to stay ahead. Our digital grid software solutions enable utilities to leverage advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to optimise grid operations, predict and prevent disruptions, and enhance overall system performance.

We understand the evolving needs of the energy industry, and our smart grid software serves as a vital tool for utilities to navigate the changing landscape. By harnessing the power of digital technologies, utilities can optimise their grid performance, monitor real-time data, and make informed decisions for efficient energy management. Our software solutions are built to facilitate seamless integration, data analytics, and predictive capabilities, enabling utilities to achieve operational excellence and deliver reliable energy services.

Explore our comprehensive solutions and services today to embark on a successful digital transformation journey in the energy sector. Experience the power of our Smart Grid Software and Services to propel your utility toward a more intelligent, resilient, and sustainable future.