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Rope pull switches XY2C - Replacement of the XY2CZ917 tensioner and bracket for the XY2CE rope pull switch

1) What is the XY2CZ917 accessory, no more shown in the Preventa XY2C catalogue since 2013 ?
Please look at the attached picture. It is an accessory to order separetely for the XY2CE rope pull switch only : tensioner and bracket. It should be discontinued in 2016, such as the XY2CZ203 tensioner alone

2) Is there some other accessory to replace it in 2016 ?
An other suitable accessory has been created in 2015 for the XY2CED double side rope pull switch. It is a quick tensioner and it can be used in the XY2CE rope pull switch too. Reference to order separately : XY2CZ213

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