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    Driving sustainability

    Cleantech Services

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    Taking action on your sustainability goals.
    One of your goals may be to drive the sustainability of your business by reducing carbon and greenhouse gasses, or it may be to generate revenue, mitigate risk, or reduce costs of energy sourcing for your sites. Putting goals into practice can be challenging especially when considering the regulatory and commercial feasibility aspects of these goals.
    • Solutions

      Centered around your sustainability goals, cleantech services come in to play at the project and implementation level once the opportunities have been identified. This includes, investment appraisal, feasibility studies, technical management, renewable or alternative energy project evaluations, REC monetization & optimization, REC purchasing and carbon allowance, credit or offset management
    • Value Proposition

      • Projects are driven by your objectives and desired outcomes 
      • Enables companies to evolve their sustainability programs 
      • Can generate revenue by mitigating risk and reducing energy cost
    • Differentiation

      • Complete portfolio of services as well as a global network of sourcing and procurement professionals 
      • Expertise navigating the complexities of market conditions, vendor communities and various technology options across multiple market segments 
      • Over x years of experience delivering real cost savings, carbon reductions, revenue generations or risk mitigation
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    Driving sustainability

    Our Cleantech services operate at a facilities level to ensure overarching sustainability and financial goals are implemented and realized. Regulatory and commercial challenges exist across the board whether it be internal alignment through understanding incentives for commitment, or understanding legal and compliance aspects, there are real and significant business gains available, turning your sustainability and resource reduction and financial objectives into reality. See more related services