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    Building your strategy for renewables, alternative energy, clean technology and carbon reduction.

    Cleantech & Resource Efficiency

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    How Clean Are Your Energy Sources?
    The energy supply chain is a complex one. It’s typical that you might not know where the energy you use originates from, while your customers have a right to expect you to be striving for a cleaner organization. You need a partner who can navigate the complexity of energy supply markets – and who can work with you to identify and analyze practicable, cost-effective, impactful options to find cleaner, better energy sources.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric’s Cleantech & Resource Efficiency services will allow you to build a clear strategy for implementing renewable and cleantech projects against a backdrop of globally-diverse regulatory and incentive landscapes. Pressures from clients or regulators can be satisfied using solutions which have been objectively measured and prioritized, delivering real benefits to your organization.
    • Value Proposition

      • Applying Schneider Electric’s combined strengths in sourcing, regulated and emerging markets plus sustainability
      • Delivering strategies that go beyond statements of intent, into overall and site-by-site transaction plans to realize genuine results. Global reach with client and site-specific applicability.
      • Satisfying your clients, end users and regulators with class-leading solutions for your energy sourcing mix, delivered as real actionable plans.
    • Differentiation

      Schneider Electric’s global teams possess unrivalled knowledge of market conditions, contract structures and incentive programs throughout the world. No other business can boast our depth and breadth of knowledge. This is applied to your specific situation to arrive at an objective, impartial strategy for cleantech solutions and resource efficiency to meet your needs and satisfy your stakeholders.
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    Schneider Electric’s comprehensive Sustainability Strategy services allow your organization to leverage an energy management and sustainability strategy to enhance brand loyalty, improve margins, mitigate risk, reduce your impact on the environment and maintain competitiveness.