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Device Support Details of ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1

Is it possible to run all default reports of Web Reporter on ION meters? For example, is it possible to run 100ms report on ION 7650 meter? Or, is PC logging a default option for PM 710 or ION 6200? The attached document summarizes how compatible various ION and non-ION meters are with ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 on following three grounds: PC Logging, Default Reports of Web Reporter and supported firmware version.
A brief description of three tabs of the attached excel sheet is as follows:

PC Logging - a description of what is logged for devices that have PC logging in their device drivers.

Default Reports - a description of what Web Reporter reports can be run on what devices.

FW Support - a description of what FW versions are supported at the release of ION E 6.0 SP1. Anything lower than these versions aren't supported, and should be upgraded.

IONE 6.0 SP1-DeviceSupport details.xlsx

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL206881 V1.0, Originally authored by DaDu on 12/13/2011, Last Edited by DaDu on 12/13/2011
Related ranges: ION Enterprise V6.0

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