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When using Advantys STB distributed I/O, is configuration software required?

For Advantys STB distributed I/O, do I need to install configuration software on my PC to set it up?

Product Line
Advantys STB Distributed I/O

Physical distributed I/O islands

No, the configuration software is not required to use Advantys STB distributed IO since it supports auto addressing. However, if one of the following items is necessary, then the software would be required.

Changing any default configuration parameter of a module
Reflex actions
Specialty modules
STBART0200 module
SIM card
HMI capability

Note: If the configuration software is not utilized then the I/O Image would have to be determined manually, where as the configuration software would determine this automatically. The IO Image Overview will display the corresponding 4x registers utilized for both the Modbus and FieldBus Images.

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