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Електроразпределение СрН и автоматизация в енергетиката


Сервизи за електроразпределение

MV switchgear Retrofit

ECOFITTM is an economical complement to maintenance operations. It extends the lifetime of your MV switchgear.. The aim of the ECOFIT™ solution, specifically designed around this offer, is to supply turnkey solutions ■ Quick and easy extension of the panel board life ■ Offering a new dimension to electrical installations, with "energy management"

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LV switchgear Retrofit

It extends the lifetime of your LV switchgear. . The ECOFIT™ solution consists of replacing ageing equipment (legacy Schneider Electric or non-legacy) mainly using a plug & play approach, such as LV circuit breakers, protection relays, etc.

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Electrical Distribution Field Services

Comprehensive Field Services cover the entire Life Cycle of electrical distribution equipment.  . Bring multiple maintenance costs under control with a trusted advisor,

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MP4 electrical assessment

A plant-plant wide electrical network assessment to define an improvement and risk management program . 4 steps: 1) Specify your electrical energy needs and assess your current capabilities, 2) assess equipment and evaluate network robustness, 3) rate critical levels, 4) draw up plans and share conclusions 4 deliverables: maintenance plan, modernization plan, monitoring plan, management plan

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Advanced Service Plans

Safeguard the future of your electrical distribution installations with Services plans to optimize equipment safety and lower your total cost of ownership. . n Tailored maintenance package that helps to control and lower costs while improving equipment availability and lifetime. n Peace of mind from a global company with manufacturer-level expertise, offering long-term support and committed to fast response times, preventing unexpected financial problems

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