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Modicon TM5 IP20 modular I/O system

For complex machines or installations (up to 2400 I/Os)

Част от Modicon

100% flexibility and optimisation of your machines

Modicon TM5 IP20 modular I/O system
  • Характеристики

    Flexible and scalable I/O configuration for automation solutions based on Modicon and PacDrive 3 controllers

    • Distributed I/Os via the CANopen interface module, or remote expansion via the local TM5 expansion bus on Modicon M258 and Modicon LMC058 controllers (PLC & PAC)
    • Distributed I/Os via the Sercos interface module for all PacDrive 3 controllers, including safe I/O communication and for Modicon LMC078 (only standard communication)
    • Modicon TM5 SLC Safety PLC for Sercos based I/O communication available for complete safety solutions with fully integrated safe communication over Sercos bus (PacDrive 3 only)
    • Wide range of I/O expansion modules: digital I/O, analog, expert, non-functioning dummy, remote I/O modules, touch probes (Sercos)…
    • Fully compatible with SoMachine  software
    Standard and safe communication for Sercos based I/O communication (PacDrive 3 only)

    • Modicon TM5 for Sercos enables the complete integration of safe communication into standard communication
    • Safe I/Os and safe remote I/Os for integrating safety signal acquisition and safety dialogue
    • Modicon TM5 SLC Safe Logic Controller (integrated as a Sercos slave) for programming the safety functions
    • Integrated workbench tool (SoMachine Motion/SoSafe) for safety software solution
    • Safety solutions up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, Cat. 3, PL e according to ISO 13849-1, SILCL 3 according to IEC 62061
    • Combination of standard and safe I/Os on same I/O unit 
     Simplified maintenance & installation

    • Embedded diagnostics for local and distant supervision
    • Hot swapping of I/O modules
    • Cabling simplicity: spring terminals, removable terminal blocks
    Save engineering time

    • Fully compatible with SoMachine software
    • Certified FDT/DTM technology for all compatible automation software systems (CANopen)
    The Modicon TM7 (IP67) and Modicon TM5 (IP20) I/O systems enhance the “Flexible Machine Control” concept of MachineStruxure
    One software environment - SoMachine
    Among the multiple control platforms, these IO systems are the best companions for:

    • Logic controllers Modicon M258
    • Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
    • Motion Controllers PacDrive / all controller types (standard and safe I/O)


    100% flexibility and optimisation of your machines

    • This IP20 modular IO system provides a flexible and scalable configuration of expansions or distributed I/O islands by direct connection with the Modicon controllers (TM5 bus) or via CANopen bus/Sercos bus for Modicon and PacDrive 3 controllers as well.
    • Characterized by easy cabling and maintenance, the modular IO system offers a wide variety of modules that enable the user to exactly meet their desired configuration for reducing costs and simplification.
    • The fully integrated safe communication over Sercos for PacDrive 3 based configurations provides a complete safety solution with programmable safe logic controller and  distributed I/Os. Less cabling/installation efforts, better diagnostics and reduced machine down time with use of safe drives during maintenance operations are some of the main benefits


    Modicon TM5 meet the typical requirements of production and packaging machinery, as well as material handling and assembly systems.

    • Packaging
    • Material Working 
    • Material Handling
    • Machine Control Solutions


    • Modicon TM5 safe logic controller for PacDrive 3
    • Standard and safe I/O modules for Sercos communication, combined in a mixed configuration

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