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Battery-powered wireless sensor networks

and monitoring data in challenging environments.

  • Характеристики

    - Simply stated, Accutech is a line of battery-powered wireless sensor networks; a family of measurement and control tools used wherever challenging telemetry applications are found, including stranded measurement points, hazardous locations and mobile equipment.
    2- Characteristics
    Low cost of:

    Deployment: no wires, trenching or conduit required
    Operations: limited maintenance required Easy to install and use:

    • Fully integrated power, communications and instrumentation
    • Mounts on any structure, quick configuration from keypad
    • Zero maintenance: 3+ years of maintenance-free service (up to 10 years depending on data rates and battery options). Most reliable, longest reach system on the market:

    • Superior range with 900MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS radios (over 3000FT, 1000M)
    • Superior resistance to interference and noise
    • Deterministic battery life and months of warning when battery needs replacement


    A Toolset for Challenging Applications

    Are these statements familiar?

    • We have processes at a distance that we could never afford to monitor because of cable, conduit, trenching, labor costs…
    • Regardless of cost, we need to deploy a reliable network quickly, often because emerging regulations say we have to…
    • We already have instruments in place but they are not connected to our telemetry systems or there are no channels available; and we don’t want to run more wires…
    • We want something that’s easy to deploy without comprehensive engineering… When you’re
    faced with tough challenges, you need innovative solutions. Accutech offers:

    • Cost savings over traditional wired solutions, both initially and ongoing
    • Rapid-deploy networks without engineering
    • Easy-to-use with limited maintenance.



    Accutech is well suited to remote Oil and Gas applications offering wireless communications, autonomous power and certification for use in hazardous environments. Applications include:

    • Wellhead monitoring and control (including pressure, plunger arrival and sales valve control)
    • Tank level measurement (with dual float liquid interface option)
    • Environmental monitoring (storm water, irrigation, reservoirs, ...)
    • Pressure measurement in any process, from 5psi to 15,000psi.
    • Securing remote sites with discreet input switches
    • Delivering 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments Water and Wastewater applications
    benefit from innovative Accutech technology, including:

    • Reservoir level monitoring
    • Municipal storm water monitoring
    • 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments (level, pH, Disolved Oxygen, etc...)
    • Pressure monitoring in pump station / distribution systems
    • Level and pressure monitoring in storage tanks Accutech products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries; essentially anywhere remote monitoring is required with autonomous networking and power.
    Mining, Metals and Minerals:

    • Differential pressure in bag houses
    • Water pressure on sprayers
    • Flow measurement of liquids from leach piles
    • More...


    • Level measurement in storage tanks
    • Relief valve monitoring (acoustic)
    • Pressure, DP and temperature on process lines
    More... Chemical Processing:

    • Pressure and temperature in cokers
    • Level monitoring in storage tanks
    • Relief valve monitoring (acoustic)
    More... Power:

    • Steam pressure monitoring
    • Steam trap monitoring (acoustic)
    • System temperature monitoring
    More... Miscellaneous:

    • Cement production (Temperature measurement rotating kiln)
    • Pulp and Paper (Rotary lime kiln, pressure on steam lines, temperature, etc. )
    • Pharmaceutical (Temp and pressure re rotating dryers)
    • Equipment Manufacturing (Discrete and analog inputs, hydraulic pressure, temp…)


    • Output Modules
    • Wireless Field Units