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ftware for telemetry and remote SCADA applications

ClearSCADA, Open, flexible, and scalable software for telemetry and remote SCADA solutions

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    ClearSCADA software is an integrated, scalable and reliable Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software with ready-to-use telemetry features optimized for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure.
    The intuitive configuration tools help users to develop and deploy solutions for almost any size application. With strong capabilities for communicating with remote devices using a diverse range of protocols and mediums at the same time, ClearSCADA helps you optimize the operation and management of your remote assets.
    ClearSCADA delivers a new level of functionality helping you unlock the geo-locational power of your SCADA assets, with the introduction of innovative location services and mapping integration.

    Some recent highlights include:

    • Location Support, Mapping & GIS Integration – underpinned by the storage of GPS coordinates for database objects, ClearSCADA is now geographically-aware and able to provide location-based alarm notification, filtering, and visualization for both fixed assets and mobile field operators. Integrated support for online or GIS map sources enables automatic display of locations on maps, which can also include real-time weather data from online service providers.
    • Centralized User Management – tighter integration with Active Directory (AD) allowing new ClearSCADA User Accounts to be created automatically, plus automatic re-alignment with changes in AD permissions on subsequent logons.
    • Automated Control & Feedback Validation – configure validation rules for output controls such that an alarm will be raised when the output or feedback from an input variable does not reach the desired value within the configured timeout, and/or when the value changes when it was not controlled to do so.
    • Other Features – tighter integration with Trio Radios for advanced diagnostics collection, support for Sofrel S50 and S500 series RTUs, support for updated firmware in Schneider Electric SCADAPack™ E (v8.14.1) and Realflo™ (v6.94 & v6.95), improvements to security, enhancements to the User

    • Scalable
    • Reliable
    • Built for security
    • A single-box solution
    • Capable & efficient
    • Open
    • Integrated with telemetry hardware


    • Enhance system reliability and security
    • Optimise the management of critical infrastructure
    • Reduce total cost of ownership
    • Operate more efficiently
    • Manage data in challenging environments
    • Seamlessly connect to business and IT systems
    • Make more timely informed decisions
    • Protect your investment as SCADA systems expand


    ClearSCADA can be tailored to a wide array of industry rigours and demands and is ideal for industries such as Water and Waste Water, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and many more.


    • Reliable data during communication interruptions
    • Connect to standard Automation Interfaces
    • Configure field devices from central location

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