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Altivar 1200

Medium voltage variable speed drive from 315 to 16,200KVA

Clean and compact MV variable speed drive

Altivar 1200
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    Thanks to a multi-level technology and advanced level of equipments as standard , the Altivar 1200 is an innovative and compact Medium Voltage drive designed to enhance electrical distribution, motor control, control systems in industrial and utility applications.
    Improved technology for better results

    All-in-one cabinet for reduced installation costs and quick commissioning
    Fully equipped drive for increased effectiveness
    Simple and proven design to avoid motor disturbance
    Efficient cooling system for increased energy savings
    Improved OPEX and CAPEX through seamless integration with motor and line supply
    Compact design and enhanced safety

    Compliance with major international standards: IEC, IEEE 519-1992
    Robust IP31 enclosure (IP41 & 42 as options)
    Smaller footprint thanks a Control and transformer combined cabinet
    Well equipped for safer operation ( interlock, UPS, Light system, Security screw, handlelock)

    Optimized modular architecture
    Advanced, motor-friendly topology

    Harmonics-free input current with high power factor (harmonics THDI<3% (input and output)
    Multi-level topology featuring a 18-54 pulse diode rectifier and a low-voltage IGBT with a proven performance record in a wide range of applications

    User-friendly” interface

    Easy-to-use 10-inch colour LCD touch-screen with the results at your fingertips.
    Multiple languages
    Efficient cooling system

    Innovative transformer design with no need for additional bottom blowers.
    No additional fans needed inside the cabinet.
    Up to 0.3% total drive efficiency 


    Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology:

    Easy integration into existing or new installations high reliability and performance
    Reduced energy consumption
    Lower maintenance costs
    Complete range of services
    Optimized return on investment 


    Mining, Minerals and Metals: fans and conveyors
    Oil and Gas: fans, air compressors, pumps
    Power: fans, pumps
    Water and watewater : pumps
    Altivar 1200 is open to most networks and easy to integrate into any medium or low-voltage architecture for added performance and control of your applications.