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Oil and Gas Operations Intelligence

Layered Applications for OASyS DNA SCADA


Oil and Gas Operations Intelligence
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    Schneider Electric offers a full suite of oil and gas applications that layer onto its flagship SCADA control solution, OASyS DNA.  The Gas and Liquids Suites provide industry specific solutions that support making operations safer, controllers more aware and workflow more efficient.
    Gas Suite is a collection of applications layered on the OASyS DNA platform that are designed to deliver business value to gas transmission and distribution companies. The suite includes

    Liquids Suite is a collection of applications layered on the OASyS DNA platform that provide world-class leak detection, cost savings and deliver a complete operational workflow for pipeline operators to manage the transportation of crude oil, refined fuel or liquefied natural gas (LNG) through their system. The suite includes:


    Gas and Liquids Suite applications enable companies to operate safer, make better decisions and act quicker by more efficiently delivering business information from operations to enterprise.
    Schneider Electric Gas and Liquids Suite solutions are the most widely used operations solutions by pipeline operators around the world.


    Operation and control of oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream pipelines