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Power Generation Systems

Take your runtime requirements from minutes to days.

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Easily integrates into InfraStruXure architecture.

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Power Generation Systems
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    The standby power generation product package extends runtimes and enhances data center availability by pairing a reliable, high-performance, emissions-compliant diesel generator with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that seamlessly transitions the load from mains utility power to generator power in the event of a lengthy power failure. A real-time runtime calculator provides up-to-date runtime estimates using fuel level and load data measurements, and predictive failure analysis alerts users when preventive maintenance is required. Unlike standard extended runtime options, you can monitor and manage the system’s ability to operate even when the components are turned off. Additionally, contact sensors such as door contact switches and leak detectors can be installed at the ATS, enhancing the customization of alarm notifications and events. APC’s power generation package integrates easily into InfraStruxure architecture, providing status notifications and remote management capabilities.


    • Accidental transfer protection - Continuous monitoring prevents unwarranted transfers.
    • Sound attenuated enclosure - Reduces noise emissions from the generator.
    • Double wall fuel tank with alarm - Reduces the likelihood of environmental contamination due to a fuel leak.
    • Designed for InfraStruXure - The system easily integrates with all InfraStruXure® configurations.
    • Съвместим с InfraStruXure мениджър - Позволява централизирано управление чрез APC InfraStruXure мениджър.
    • ATS and UPS coordination - The ATS and UPS are designed to work together seamlessly in the event of power loss.
    • Integrated distribution panel - The power distribution panel is integrated into the ATS, eliminating the need to install a separate distribution panel.
    • User scheduled system self test - The system is designed to automatically perform user-scheduled self tests.
    • Fluid level monitoring - Provides information about critical generator fluids.
    • Fuel level converted to actual runtime - Runtime calculation is based on the remaining fuel and generator load.
    • Predictive failure alarms - Provide information about possible failures before they happen.
    • Predictive generator failure notification - Enhanced monitoring capabilities ensure the user is alerted of potential problems before they affect availability.
    • Предварително тествани прекъсвачи - Всички прекъсвачи са предварително тествани в завода, което подобрява надеждността им.
    • Battery monitoring - Continuous battery monitoring ensures generator availability.
    • Unlimited runtime - The ability to refuel the generator.
    Общи разходи за притежание
    • Factory configured - Configured to order to match site requirements.
    • Decreased leadtimes - Reduces the overall time to complete the project.

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