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Vijeo XD

Touch screen configuration software

Vijeo XD™ configuration software allows you to create and edit application screens that control automation systems for Magelis™ GTU (Premium and Open Boxes)/STO color/GTO terminals, and Magelis industrial PCs (Panel and Box). Vijeo XD software features an intuitive and simple-to-use interface, easy-to-access functions and information, and a multi-platform working environment. It helps reduce downtime and shortens design time by reusing existing operations.

  Vijeo XD
  • Характеристики

    • Vijeo XD supports English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese languages and provides access to new application types. Users can view their process instantly or after a delay, on the same screen as the HMI dialogue. When combined with a suitable terminal, this software with a simple reconfiguration offers a tailored solution for control station requirements.
    • Vijeo XD runs on any PC with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system. This supports WYSIWYG simulation of the application developed and simulation of the PLC variables (I/O, internal bits and words), and also helps ensure that the application runs securely on Magelis GTU/STO color/GTO terminals or Magelis industrial PCs.


    Design which is twice as fast

    • Minimize design time with navigation, theme templates, and zoom /scroll pages
    • Reduce downtime as project modifications and script debugs can be completed during simulation and commissioning
    • Software upgrade without downloading via online mode
    • Highly intuitive interface
    • With special navigation features like scrolling panel and zoom in/zoom out panel, more information can be accessed and viewed in a single page
    • Multi-touch zoom in/zoom out, slide, pinch, and stretch options similar to smartphones for enhanced user experience
    • Information rich objects providing easy and direct access to device information and database
    • New vector graphic engine
    • Animation features with rotating objects and dynamic drawings
    • Intuitive and attractive screen with finely designed ergonomic features



    1. Simple or complex machine builders (automotive, electronic components, pharmaceutical products, chemical)
    2. Tertiary industry and infrastructure: building, food and beverage, water and waste treatment