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Vijeo XL

Lite SCADA for line management

Vijeo XL is a powerful software for developing HMI, SCADA, and OEE/Dashboard projects dedicated to Line Management & Lite Supervision applications to run in Magelis industrial PC.

Vijeo XL
  • Характеристики

    1. Save Time: View your process from your desk or web-enabled mobile phone
    2. Clear Information: Multi-language support so operators understand immediately.
    3. Flexibility: Support for your PLC or controller, more than 230 drivers, OPC and TCP/IP
    4. Troubleshoot Quickly: Understand alarms quickly, visually on-screen, or via E-mail, PDA or web browsers
    5. Enterprise Integration: Easily tie into ERP and “back-office” systems using built-in relational DB connectivity
    Each VXL project consists of:

    1. project tags database to manage all run-time data, including both internal variables and I/O data.
    2. Configurable drivers to communicate in real-time with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), remote I/O devices, and other data-acquisition equipment.
    3. Animated HMI screens and OEE dashboards.
    4. Optional modules such as alarms, events, trends, recipes, reports, scriptable logic, schedulers, a project security system, and a complete database interface. After you develop your project, you can download it to your IPC and run it there. The project runtime server processes I/O data from connected devices according to your project parameters and then reacts to, displays, and/or saves the data.
    Better than competitors :

    1. Affordable price and just enough functions
    2. Enable IT/OT Connectivity with more than 230 drivers including OPC UA
    3. Bundle solution (HW + SW) Multi touch gesture operation


    1. Full support & Integration on H/W, S/W and OS
    2. Save time & resources on validation and commissioning
    3. Sustainable supply & compatibility
    4. Affordable and Intelligent IT/OT data management


    Target Applications:

    • Packaging
    Potential Appications:

    • Material Working
    • Material Handling
    • Hoisting
    • Pumping HVAC

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure ви помага да просперирате в днешния цифров свят. Взимайте аргументирани бизнес решения с IT/OT решенията на Schneider Eletric.

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