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OsiSense XS e OsiSense XT

Sensores de proximidade indutivos e capacitivos

Sensores de proximidade indutivos para detecção de materiais ferrosos e Sensores de proximidade capacitivos para detecção de quaisquer tipos de materiais através da sua massa.

OsiSense XS e OsiSense XT
  • Características

    XS: inductive technology for non contact sensing of metal objects up to 60mm
    XT: capacitive technology: non contact sensing of any material up to 20mm

    General purpose products
    One of the most comprehensive catalogue of the market with

    • Standard cylindrical forms : M8,12,18, 30
    • Standard and flat forms
    • Complying with international standards, CE, UL, CSA, CCC; CTick
    • With a top international quality IP69K
    • With all electric standards including AC/DC power supply
    • Available in standard and increased range

    Application products

    • Rotation control, ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination, etc
    • Plastic case sensors  for double insulation and chemicals environment compliance
    • Miniature cylindrical format Plain 4 and  6.5mm or  M5 for assembly applications…
    • Stainless steel and plastic for dedicated food & beverage applications
    • XT range for detection of any object irrespective of material or conductivity


    Available everywhere at Schneider distributor next door, compliant with international standards & certifications in standard and increased range.


      linhas de montagem, robôs, máquinas-ferramentas, máquinas, packaging, material handling, conveying
        Industria de Alimentos e bebidas


        • OsiSense XS & XT