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    Soluções de Engenharia Personalizadas

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    Guarantee of Power

    In these times of unpredictable energy from stressed electrical grids, more stringent legislative mandates and aging facility infrastructures, you need more than off-the-shelf products to meet your evolving energy needs. You need a dedicated partner with the energy consulting expertise and proven capabilities to make a positive impact on your operations and business.

    • Solution

      Our certified energy managers work with energy-intensive industrial facilities as a trusted partner to deliver engineered solutions to fit your power needs.
    • Value Proposition

      Our solutions increase the reliability and efficiency of your installation by providing detailed reporting, testing and analysis capabilities for your systems and related components, like Sequence of Events Recording, WAGES, Automatic Throwover Systems Load Preservation, Shedding/Peak Shaving
    • Differentiation

      Our nationally recognized Square D Power System Engineering professionals have proven problem solving skills, extensive utility and industrial experience and comprehensive power system expertise to identify opportunities for improvements to complex energy and power-related issues.
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      Energy strategy development helps determine your environmental impact with an outline of energy-saving opportunities and projected results.
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      Ensure security and safety through reliable power with data transparency to make informed decisions and improve operational efficiency.