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    Capacitar o Sucesso no Ensino Superior

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    As a professional in higher education, you face a complicated mix of pressures such as providing safe learning environments, managing tighter budgets and shrinking resources, rising utility bills, aging infrastructure and technology and mounting pressures for sustainability.
    • Solutions

      If you’re in education, you believe in the power of knowledge. So does Schneider Electric. Whether you’re renovating existing facilities or building new ones, we can help enable a wide variety of infrastructure solutions with an option to leverage funding through a comprehensive energy management and sustainability program. Our experts will help strengthen your college college’s brand, alleviate the impact of decreased funding, and improve your sustainability performance.
    • Value Proposition

      Finding areas of opportunity for improvements can be challenging when you spend most of your time and resources serving your students and faculty and maintaining your current facilities. Schneider Electric helps you pinpoint and execute projects that deliver maximum return on investment.
    • Differentiation

      With our performance contracting, you can use energy savings to fund major capital improvements, enabling initiatives that meet your biggest goals. Sound too good to be true? We guarantee it. In the unlikely even the project doesn’t generate the savings we forecast, we’ll write you a check for the difference. Your return on investment is assured.


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      Strengthen your college’s brand
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      Alleviate the impact of decreased funding
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      Improve learning environment
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      Remove barriers for green initiatives