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    • Operators in power station control room working with technical challenges, sustainability reporting.

      Automated fault detection and Diagnostics

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      Optimize your operations by making fact-based improvements

      You've invested in automation, metering, and systems to controm your building but may be missing other avoidable expenses. You need to be able to uncover hidden savings in your building to offset your energy spend and make smarter operating decisions.

      Life Cycle Services

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      • Solutions

        Building Analytics converts the data created by your building management system into actionable intelligence, enabling you to identify and prioritize cost-saving opportunities, threats to occupant comfort and mechanical system inefficiencies.
      • Value Proposition

        Building Analytics gives you the ability to optimize operations by making fact-based improvements that are proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life, and improve tenant comfort, making a positive and measurable imact on your bottom line.
      • Differentiation

        Only Schneider Electric delivers automated daily portfolio diagnostic summaries of equipment and system inefficiencies with prioritarization based on energy cost, severity and comfort impact.


      • trabalhadores a olhar para monitores, software de gestão de energia e instalações

         Monitore as instalações de forma econômica, para resolução rápida
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         Melhore o conforto dos ocupantes
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         Maior confiabilidade e disponibilidade da instalação
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         Transforme dados prediais não utilizados em informações práticas
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        Crie edifícios mais ecológicos, de alto desempenho
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        Reduzir as despesas de energia dos principais equipamentos, tipicamente entre 15% a 30%