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      Battery Replacement Services


      Stay ahead of potential failures

      Ensure your batteries are serviced properly and, when required, safely replaced by certified service professionals. Battery Replacement services can be customized for your needs and budget.

      Battery Replacement Services offer description

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      • Solutions

        Battery Replacement Services provide full battery replacement. Labor and travel are included with this service.
        Modular Battery Replacement Service (MBRS) provides an easy to order, comprehensive on-site battery replacement service for Symmetra, Symmetra PX, Symmetra LX and Smart-UPS VT solutions and includes the following:

        • Ability to purchase the required amount of battery modules
        • Schneider Electric CPCS certified service professional on-site to perform all work
        • Battery swap out and system configuration
        • Removal and trucking of the waste batteries to an approved recycling center location
        • Environmental regulatory compliant battery recycling
      • Value Proposition

        Replacing batteries proactively in total ensures that your batteries will last longer, reducing both cost and downtime while safeguarding availability.
      • Differentiation

        Our comprehensive set of battery replacement services, fulfilled by trained and certified professionals, ensure your UPS operates reliably and efficiently.