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      for Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage Applications

      Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

      • Solutions

        Direct replacement modernization solutions feature new circuit breakers designed to fit into the existing cubicle with little-to-no modification to the switchgear cell. A direct replacement solution reduces downtime since there is minimal (if any) outage on the equipment bus.

        Low-Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers
        A standard Masterpact cradle is installed into an adapter cradle to form one assembly, which is then installed into the switchgear cubicle. This cradle-in-cradle assembly locks into place and remains in the switchgear cell after the initial installation. The new Masterpact circuit breaker racks in and out of the adapter cradle. A new door is installed, however cell interlocks, the racking mechanism and the switchgear structure are not modified.

        Medium-Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers
        Designed to fit into an existing switchgear cell without modification, Magnum circuit breakers will correctly interface with the existing compartment cell and maintain safety interlocks built-in the original equipment design.
      • Differentiation

        Our cost-effective modernization solutions will upgrade your electrical system to current technology. Downtime is minimized when compared with the demolition and replacement of existing equipment.


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        Our Masterpact NT/NW low-voltage circuit breakers provide solid state protection, reduce the potential for an arc flash event and do not require maintenance under normal operating conditions. 

        Reduced costs and less downtime for equipment upgrades compared to new switchgear installation 

        Cost-effective electrical system upgrade

        Maintains electrical system integrity during upgrade 

        Eliminates the need for obsolete or unavailable spare parts 

        Features a one-year equipment warranty

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        Magnum medium-voltage direct replacement circuit breakers will rack into the switchgear line-up and correctly interface with the existing compartment cell. The original racking mechanism, safety interlocks and the primary/secondary disconnects are maintained and the switchgear structure is not modified. 

        Reduced costs and less downtime for equipment upgrades versus new equipment 

        Enhanced equipment reliability 

        Maintenance free vacuum and SF6 bottles

        Available for most manufacturers’ equipment 

        Complete factory testing, backed by standard equipment warranty 

        ANSI & IEEE designs with complete documentation 

        Upgraded MVA ratings and nuclear certification available upon request