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    Concerned with the Reliability or Dated Technology of Your Low-voltage Motor Control Centers?

    Motor Control Center Upgrades

    • Solutions

      Improve Reliability - Reduce Maintenance Requirements - Increase Equipment Capabilities
      Motor control center (MCC) structures and internal buswork typically have a long life. Their unit racking systems are simple and most likely, in good shape. So why replace the entire motor control center when problems arise? Schneider Electric offers direct replacement and retrofit options to upgrade low-voltage motor control centers.

      Direct Replacement Units
      New direct replacement MCC units are available for many vintage and current style motor control centers. This approach minimizes outage time and reduces costs associated with having to match existing footprints for the removal and re-installation of cables. Replacement units can be installed over an extended period, which provides an overall equipment upgrade on a limited maintenance budget.

      Retrofit OEM Bucket
      When a direct replacement unit is not available, Schneider Electric Services can retrofit a genuine OEM bucket with all new Square D™ components. The genuine OEM stab assembly is reconditioned and the bucket is painted white enamel. All work is performed by factory-trained personnel.
    • Value Proposition

      New direct replacement motor control center units are available for many common vintage and current style MCCs. Following is a partial list of OEM models for which direct replacement units are available:
      • Allen-Bradley: Centerline® 2100
      • General Electric: 7700 and 8000 Series
      • ITE – Gould – Telemecanique: Series 5600
      • ITE – Imperial – Telemecanique: Series 9600
      • Square D Model 4
      • Westinghouse and Cutler-Hammer: Type W
    • Differentiation

      Better manage your critical processes, increase productivity and save energy.

      Upgrade to an intelligent motor control center specifying the TeSys T motor management system in your replacement units. The TeSys system is the only motor management system with advanced and integrated control features to reduce the complexity of your equipment as well as reduce costs.

      Another intelligent option is to replace your existing starter unit with a variable frequency drive (VFD) unit which can improve energy usage for variable torque loads.