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      Improve Power System Reliability and Lower Life Cycle Costs

      Switchgear Modernization Solutions

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        • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

          Brochure: Switchgear Modernization Solutions

          Provides the features and benefits of direct replacement and retrofill solutions. Read More
        • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

          Catálogo do Seletor de Projetos: Projetos de Disjuntores

          Catálogo de projetos de troca direta e retrofill disponíveis para equipamentos de baixa e média tensão. Saiba mais
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        Modernization Solutions for Medium-Voltage Switchgear

        Modernization solutions present a viable alternative to purchasing new equipment. With careful consideration and proper implementation of the points covered in this paper, you can maximize the life and reliability of your medium-voltage switchgear. 
        Learn More

        Do You Have Concerns About Aging Equipment?

        Start exploring 'My Solutions Map' to get on track for cost-effective modernization solutions with minimal downtime! Learn More

        3D Modeling Tool: Switchgear Modernization Solutions

        This interactive tool enables users to look inside switchgear and learn about the features and benefits of our low-voltage direct replacement solution. Learn More

        White Paper: Switchgear Survival Guide - Ten Tips to Optimize Switchgear and Enhance Reliability

        With increasing dependence on computers and automated processes, most modern facilities cannot afford downtime. Performing proper maintenance on a facility’s electrical equipment can reduce the risk of an unplanned outage and help extend useful life of the asset. In today’s economy, budget constraints on capital improvement projects will mean more reliance on existing equipment maintenance. Learn More

        White Paper: Enhancing Reliability of Legacy Systems with New Generation Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker Upgrades

        Even the best maintained equipment is subject to two key phenomena: (1) Equipment ultimately degrades and reaches the end of its useful life, no matter how much maintenance is performed, and (2) Advances in technology – both in material sciences and microprocessor based controls – facilitate the production of more modern circuit breakers with better performance, reduced maintenance requirements and on-board diagnostics, to name a few features. With the advancements in the design of the new circuit breakers, circuit breakers with older technology are no longer considered sustainable solutions. Learn More

        White Paper: Prolongue a Vida Útil do Painel de Distribuição Existente

        Painéis elétricos de distribuição e controle têm dois tipos de componentes que compõem o sistema, que podem ser chamados de passivos e ativos. Os componentes passivos incluem itens como perfilados de aço em forma de canal, tampas de fechamento, barreiras, estruturas de barramento vertical e horizontal, bem como os componentes que compõem a estrutura mecânica do equipamento. Os componentes ativos críticos são os disjuntores de potência ou fusíveis que compõem o sistema de proteção de sobrecorrente. Saiba mais

        Webinar (Sob Demanda): Soluções de Modernização Melhoram Confiabilidade de Sistema de Potência e Reduzem Custos do Ciclo de Vida

        Os participantes receberão uma visão geral de opções de modernização e atualização econômicas que irão melhorar a confiabilidade elétrica e prolongar a vida útil dos equipamentos existentes, com um tempo mínimo de paralisação. Saiba mais

        Tratar Problemas de Segurança Elétrica Produz Benefício Adicional para Concessionária de Energia

        Modernizar painel de distribuição antigo também melhora a confiabilidade elétrica. Saiba mais

        Hope Creek Generating Station

        The circuit breakers at this 1,219 MW nuclear power plant had been in use since the facility opened in 1986. After carefully evaluating all options, including whether to refurbish the existing circuit breakers or opt for a total replacement, facilities management secured approvals for modernizing the existing switchgear with Masterpact NW direct replacement circuit breakers. Learn More

        Circuit Breaker Retrofill Project Modernizes Electrical Distribution for Automobile Manufacturer

        The plant’s two primary switchgear lineups were installed in the early 1950s. Though they were still operational, the age of the circuit breakers connected to the 2,000 amp bus in both lineups, along with the elevator-like system used to remove them from the switchgear for maintenance,increased risk for the plant’s electricians. Learn More
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        • Ecofit Installation Services from Schneider Electric

          The next generation of low-voltage circuit breakers is here! If you're a U.S. customer, it’s time for you to upgrade with ECOFIT™ Installation Services because Masterpact M, Square D Type SE and Square D Type DS have been replaced by Masterpact NT/NW.