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        • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

          Catálogo: Reduza Defeitos em Equipamentos Elétricos

          Maximize a confiabilidade elétrica com Serviços de Manutenção e Diagnoses da Schneider Electric Saiba mais
        • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

          Handout: Advantage Service Plans

          Without a proper maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution equipment, it’s just a matter of time before costly breakdowns will occur. Having an Advantage Service Plan in place minimizes unplanned outages and remedial actions. Read more
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        White Paper: Service Plans Enhance the Benefits of Preventive Maintenance Programs

        Preventive maintenance programs are typically transaction based and equipment focused. Service plans expand upon preventive maintenance programs and add value by focusing on the electrical system. Download this white paper for more information. Learn more

        Webinar (On-Demand): Electrical Infrastructure Maintenance for the Modern Age

        When evaluating the business gains and risks associated with an increasingly critical power infrastructure, managers need to quantify the value of maintenance services, just as they would any major business purchase. The value to management is increasingly clear that implementing effective maintenance reduces accidents, saves lives, and minimizes costly breakdowns and unplanned outages. The difficulty is often making sense of all the choices available today and determining what is best for a facility. Learn more

        White Paper: Understanding Maintenance Contracts and Requirements for Low-Voltage Power Distribution Equipment

        Facility managers often complain that the final results of their desired maintenance contracts do not meet up with their intended expectations. This paper will provide a brief summary of common issues involving facilities managers and the selected electrical maintenance service contractor. It also includes a summary of items that should be incorporated into a maintenance check list, to help keep expectations in line with the desires of the intended maintenance contract. Learn more
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        • Video: Benefits of Our Service Plans

          Having an Advantage Service Plan in place mitigates your risk of downtime and unexpected repair costs, providing you with peace of mind. These fixed-rate plans take the guess-work out of budgeting since there are no hidden charges.