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    • Electrical power station, electric power distribution.
      Utilize a combination of innovative, time-tested, and robust technologies to reliable distribute electricity

      Medium Voltage Switchgear

      Utilize a combination of innovative, time-tested, and robust technologies to reliable distribute electricity

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      Your network is reliable, your services are clean, and your business is efficient. Utilities play an important role in their communities, not only in generating and distributing power, but also ensuring reliability and sustainability of their service. You need reliable equipment for your applications, to protect and distribute energy, from a trusted and experienced partner in electrical distribution.

      Sua rede é confiável, seus serviços são claros e seu negócio é eficiente. Utilities desempenha um papel importante em sua comunidade, não só na geração e distribuição de energia, mas também garantindo confiabilidade e sustentabilidade de seu serviço. Você precisa de um equipamento confiável para as suas aplicações, para proteger e distribuir a energia à partir de um parceiro confiável e experiente.

      • Solutions

        Comprehensive equipment including Metal-Clad, Metal-Enclosed, and Gas-Insulated switchgear (GIS) for reliable medium voltage networks. Schneider Electric's time-tested Medium Voltage switchgear solutions employ transparent-ready, space saving, economical, and innovative equipment designed to your specific requirements.
      • Value Proposition

        • Robust and reliable equipment, time-tested in commercial, industrial, utility, and critical power applications
        • Tailored design to fit evolving local needs and support modernization of the aging electrical grid
        • Transparent-ready, web enabled switchgear to control the challenges of large demand for energy
      • Differentiation

        • Resilient switchgear from environmentally isolated, sealed-for-life GIS and Metal-Enclosed switches to arc-resistant Metal-Clad switchgear.
        • Unequaled service support for Medium Voltage ANSI equipment, high-voltage substations and low-voltage equipment service.
        • Over 100 years of experience with switchgear designed to ANSI standard switchgear as well as global standards
      Solar power facility


      The presently ever-aging electrical grid is forcing drastic changes in how we generate and deliver electricity. These changes are being made by rapidly modernizing the electrical grid and developing a Smart Grid. The importance of this modernization effort is significant, and special focus is directed at improving the reliability, service, efficiency, and cost of generating and delivering power. Schneider Electric recognizes this importance, and offers robust, reliable, and transparent-ready switchgear solutions to develop your local Smart Grid.


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        • Increase reliability with time-tested, robust switchgear
        • Control your distribution utilizing transparent-ready equipment
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        • Benefit from superior services and support of medium voltage switchgear
        • Leverage our expertise in medium voltage to automate and simplify your system
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        • Reduce cost of ownership throughout the life of your equipment
        • Minimize service time with extended maintenance intervals and easy to inspect designs