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  • Electrical power station, electric power distribution.

    Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

    Electric utility substation at sunrise, electric power distribution, electric utilities.


    Monitorização e controlo robusto em tempo real. A fim de fornecer uma energia fiável, segura e eficiente, as companhias elétricas dependem de sistemas precisos e robustos de monitorização e controlo. Os sistemas SCADA devem proporcionar uma funcionalidade elevada de disponibilidade, redundância e recuperação de desastre, devem ser seguros, flexíveis, escaláveis e configuráveis.
    • Solutions

      Schneider Electric’s OASyS DNA SCADA is a fast data acquisition monitoring and control system for managing and improving the power availability of electrical transmission and distribution networks. The software gives operators exceptional knowledge and control of their network through an intuitive, interactive, and customizable interface. With fast, consistent access to actionable information, OASyS DNA SCADA operators are more effective at protecting and optimizing their electrical distribution network, improving both efficiency and productivity.
    • Value Proposition

      • Optimize the management of your entire electrical installation for greater productivity.
      • Improve the efficiency and decision making of your operators by giving them access to accurate, timely, and comprehensive information.
      • Provide an intuitive, interactive and customizable interface for enhanced operations.
      • Utilize high performance, parallel processing to support millions of data points.
    • Differentiation

      • Closely integrated with Schneider Electric’s Advanced Distribution Management System.
      • Highly secure and reliable.
      • In production in over 180 control centers worldwide.
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    Schneider Electric OASyS DNA SCADA is a highly distributed realtime platform that makes the most of supervisory control and data acquisition standards. It combines the systems your business already relies on with technological solutions from our many software suites, allowing you to benefit from best-in-class solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.


    • Subestação de energia, distribuição de energia elétrica, gestão de energia.
      Security: OASyS DNA is an out of the box secure solution — a highly secure system with a single sign-on implementation, tools designed to track and manage changes, and the ability to easily audit and report these changes in response to internal and external review.
    • Equipamento Elétrico, software de gestão de energia, distribuição de energia elétrica.
      Standardization: the OASyS DNA product family is compatible with the majority of standard industry applications and integrates easily with legacy and third-party software. Standardized software is well documented, easier to learn with less training, and may already be the norm in your organization. As a vendor, Schneider Electric can take advantage of new products on the market using our standards based connectivity and passing the savings and capabilities on to you.
    • Torre de Alta Tensão, distribuição de energia elétrica, empresas de energia elétrica.
      Reliability: our technology uses a push strategy that automatically broadcasts event-driven data throughout the system’s network, resulting in real-time data delivery that’s fast and reliable. Plus, OASyS DNA’s field-proven redundancy model and system wide health monitoring help ensure that the system is there when you need it. Our redundancy model is self-healing, with critical functions and devices being constantly monitored.
    • Subestação de energia elétrica, distribuição de energia elétrica.
      Longevity: we understand that you’ve invested significantly in your current displays, database, applications and reports. Our migration objectives are to minimize both costs and operational impact when moving to the OASyS DNA solution. Through the use of advanced migration tools during the upgrade process, we can enable you to reuse much of the intellectual investment you have made in your existing SCADA system.
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      Innovation: our products use current operating systems and hardware through partnerships with industry-leading companies, such as Symantec™, OSIsoft®, and Microsoft®. This allows us to deliver the highest value solutions to you while reducing cost of ownership, increasing security and reliability, and offering maximum return on your IT infrastructure investment.