ION8650 004.031.001 Firmware

Firmware version v4.31.1 for the PowerLogic™ ION8650 meter; associated files for all variants (A,B,C); Meter template and whats new. This upgrade brings support for the optional outage notification card, Ethernet push notifications, DNS resolution, Transient absolute detection mode, new DNP inactivity timeout, and 5-digit DNP3 unit ID support, in addition to general device improvements.See the included What’s New document for more details.Firmware file checksums (SHA256)004.031.001_8650A.upg:e04b24da92ebda54d81aabb7bf547c308e8c0baf4cb43a518f3aabe272b3e328004.031.001_8650B.upg:eabe0ecd6ecf83bf2b9c64daf000fc51547f2c9f7cc5f7dd42ca0aad5c7e8471004.031.001_8650C.upg:9bf1620485267f0eba15c82fef0ab34190703dc8700d7f36f82b09e642903807

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004.031.001_8650A (.upg) 3.5 mb
004.031.001_8650B (.upg) 3.5 mb
004.031.001_8650C (.upg) 3.5 mb
7EN12-0320-00_ION8650_WhatsNew_Firmware_V4311 (.pdf) 94.5 kb
8650A_v4.30.0_FAC-35s_V4. (.dcf) 1,000.7 kb
8650A_v4.30.0_FAC_V4. (.dcf) 1,009.5 kb
8650B_v4.30.0_FAC-35s_V4. (.dcf) 967.4 kb
8650B_v4.30.0_FAC_V4. (.dcf) 976.3 kb
8650C_v4.30.0_FAC-35s_V4. (.dcf) 644.4 kb
8650C_v4.30.0_FAC_V4. (.dcf) 644.3 kb

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