Advantage Plus Plan for Room, Row and Rack Cooling Products

The Advantage Plus Plan for Room, Row and Cooling Products will provide qualified Schneider Electric Services personnel to conduct repairs in the event of a problem, as well as two scheduled preventive maintenance service visits providing a comprehensive visual, environmental and operational inspection of the system to help verify that components are performing to defined technical and environmental specifications.1.1 (Minimum) Semi-Annual Maintenance VisitsThis service consists of two scheduled Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance visits whereby qualified Schneider Electric Services personnel performs a comprehensive inspection of the cooling unit to maximize critical load uptime by verifying the components are performing to defined factory specifications. The Schneider Electric Services personnel inspects environmental conditions, performs maintenance tasks and checks system operating conditions.The cleaning or replacement of the return air filters, fan belts and replacement humidifier cylinders (when applicable) are also included with this service. The Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance Visits are performed during normal business hours. This service schedule may be upgraded to 24/7, which allows scheduling outside normal business hours, including weekends and holidays. The Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance schedule is the minimum service interval offered for Advantage Plus Plan. Additional service upgrades to the Semi-Annual Preventive Maintenance schedule are available on quarterly and monthly basis for increased unit protection and uptime.1.2 On-site Remedial Services Schneider Electric Services will dispatch qualified personnel to provide repairs in the event of a problem. On-site labor and travel will be charged at current Schneider Electric Services rates. The Customer will also benefit from priority access to the Schneider Electric supply chain at a preferential rate.

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