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Are lugs provided on a SU3040D400CB?

Published date: 03 May 2019

Does an SU3040D400CB come factory installed with lugs?
Product Line:
All in Ones
Lugs are not provided with this CSED device. This device is supplied with line and neutral lug landing pads for use with field installed compression or mechanical type lugs. For mechanical lugs, use lug kit CMELK4. This lug kit consists of four lugs, each lug capable of terminating (1) #2 AWG - 600 kcmil aluminum or copper conductor. Only three of the four lugs provided in the CMELK4 kit will be used. Optional mechanical lugs listed on the device wiring diagram include:
Catalog Number Wire Sizes Torque lb-n (N*m)
Compression Lugs    
ANDERSON VHCL-600-12 BN 250 - 600 kcmil Cu 300   (33.89)
ANDERSON VHCL-750-12 BN 500 - 750 kcmil Cu 300   (33.89)
Mechanical lugs    
ILSCO TA-600-2N (CMELK4) #2 AWG - 600 kcmil Al/Cu 375   (42.36)
ILSCO TA-800-2N 300 - 800 kcmil Al/Cu    500    (56.49)
ANDERSON L1D2-350 #6 AWG - 350 kcmil Al/Cu 250   (28.24)
ANDERSON L1D2-800 #6 AWG - 350 kcmil Al/Cu 550    (62.14)

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